No Setup Fee

Our mission is to get the latest and greatest technology to any Venue to maximize your bottom dollar. With venue setup, full seating zone & rating control. BOCA printers, Wireless Apps & Scanners, Custom Ticket Stock, and more, we’re a little crazy to not charge setup fees. We like it that way.

Full Service Ticket Agency

Our systems are incredible flexible to meet any need. We have an all in one box office solution which can integrate across the cloud to any device. Secure payments, and even BOCA Thermal Printers. We set everything up for you, with software and hardware.

Game Day Data!

Data helps drive you important decisions to maximize opportunities and revenues. Our Mission Control dashboard gives you statistics per event or season to get a comprehensive look at your sales data & cash audits. With mobile in mind, check in from any device, even as you check people in.

Some of the best pricing in the industry

We want to make sure you succeed. We’ve made our business model per ticket. While others may take a percent of the transaction, we take a flat fee. Meaning it doesn’t matter if you sell tickets for $5 or $500 dollars. We want you to maximize your audience.